Amnesty International Campaign Design
w/ Francesca Parisi, Riona Menezes,
Goda Kairiukstye & Saffron Lee

The cost for children to apply for a British citizenship in the UK is over £1,000. Out of this cost the government makes a profit of £640. This fee is out of reach for thousands of families, even though the majority of them are lawfully entitled to citizenship, and don’t know any other country to call home.

Out of Reach is our campaign, in collaboration with Amnesty International, asking the public to step up and sign their petition. We built a 2 metre tall podium that requires the public to reach up and deposit their signature.

We recieved over 200 signatures in a day, and gave out stickers to all those who signed. #OUTOFREACH was used across our campaign for the public to engage with our message online, and share the petition.